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Tips For Choosing a Web Designer

Let’s face it: if your business doesn’t have an effective web presence, you risk going the way of the dinosaurs. The days of yellow pages ads and direct mail marketing are nearly over, and society’s switch to technological means as a way to find out about local goods and services is nearly complete. If you’re ready to build a website, it’s wise to bring in the professionals. But how do you choose the right web designer? Here are some tips.

1- Don’t let your brother-in-law do it: Everyone seems to have a relative who is an “expert” in web design. But unless that person works in the industry, it’s probably best to hire a professional web designer instead.

2- Figure out what you need: Many websites simply act as brochures for a company, while others are highly interactive. If you are serious about climbing to the top of the heap through the use of SEO, you’ll want to hire a long-term contractor who can keep updating your site and making the changes necessary to remain ahead of your competitors. A short-term contractor is the one to choose if you plan on doing any future tweaks yourself.

3- Check out web designer’s portfolio: Every web designer has their own outlook on design and their own “flavor.” While doing your research, make sure you see examples of their existing sites and see if their work is something you really love. If not, keep looking.

4- Industry knowledge: You want to select a web designer that has experience with your particular type of industry. Right designer will already know what works and what doesn’t and you will not serve as a “test model.” It’s your money: you deserve to get what you pay for.

5- Get references: No amount of great design is worth the trouble if the web designer is notoriously difficult to work with. Ask for references and talk with former or present customers who’ve actually worked with them.

Developing a professional-looking and well-constructed website is a must in today’s technology-dominated marketplace: do your research and make the most of it by partnering with the right designer.

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