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Beware of SEO Scams

What’s not real SEO?

You probably get spam e-mail from SEO “Specialists” everyday. 90% of them are selling empty promises at upwards of $1,000 per month. These self proclaimed SEO experts often ignore Google approved practices. Their goal is to “trick” Google into giving you better ranking by “keyword stuffing” and “link farming”. These tactics carry big risks; Google has zero tolerance to these black-SEO strategies. None of the real SEO specialists guarantee ranking on page one in organic listing. If you are looking for guaranteed placement, you need to invest in Paid Search.

What’s real SEO?

Here are a few Google-approved SEO practices;

    • Your phone number on your homepage with local area code in a text format that search engines can read,
    • Title tags containing the main key phases that describes content on the page, and location of service and your business name.
    • Well written text on your home page clearly describing your business around selected key phrases.
    • Inbound links from trusted sites, such as your professional associations.

the list goes on and on but most essential step for your website search engine optimization; Each pages of your websites should be handled and optimized individually.

The Better Solution to SEO

If you have limited budget, but are sure optimization is the way to go. First step is to get your placement on Google Maps. It is free to be in Google Maps and there are many methods to optimize your Google Maps ranking. Ask your website provider about getting your business profile submitted and then optimized on Google Maps.

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